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Interview with JayGraphixx

Thu Feb 1, 2018, 2:33 AM by eerilyfair:iconeerilyfair:

I am pleased to continue our interview series! This time we have an artist with awesome painting skills and a strong imagination! :iconjaygraphixx: is a nice and very helpful person and an outstanding artist in our community! Let's learn more about him! :heart:

1. What was your first contact with art?

I think my first contact with art began with just mere curiosity; I was 6 or 7 at the time. My sister had an art book with some sketches of eyes and lips inside. I was engulfed by the way the eyes were drawn and without her permission, I replicated one of the eyes in her sketchbook. When she figured out what I’ve done she wasn’t angry but quite surprised at how I drew the eye. Even though traditional drawing was just a hobby of hers she taught me a little about it, you could say she was my first teacher in art. From there I just started to draw but it was intermittently throughout the years. I’ve never done anything digitally regarding art until 2013 – that’s the year when everything changed for me; that’s when I started to use Photoshop. And with the help of tutorials, I began doing digital art in early 2014.

2. You paint a lot by yourself! Do you think it's important to have the painting skills when beeing a pm artist?

If you can paint and do photomanipulation it’s pretty awesome! I have a good amount of painting in my gallery; I just wish I could do as many paintings as photomanipulations though. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily important for an artist to have painting skills. I think they are a lot of artists out there who do photomanipulation art and don’t paint… but if you can do it -- it will do a lot of amazing things to your art. Your painting aspects of your photomanipulations will be much cleaner and precise, especially with artists who work with a lot of models. It will also help artists not to depend solely on stocks, especially when you could’ve painted certain parts of that artwork. I think photomanipulations with painted elements are so different from paintings and regular photomanipulations. It has a certain touch of uniqueness to it. Sometimes they are so good it’s hard to distinguish it from a painting and a photomanipulation itself. If you’re a photomanipulation artist who has always wanted to paint but is reluctant to do so because of being absent of a graphics tablet, don’t let that stop you from doing so. My gallery consists of art which has been done only by using a mouse and touchpad, no graphics tablet has been used. With that said, I hope it can inspire you to consider painting without a tablet.

3. How is your working process? Do you start with a sketch or with a inspiring stock?

With most of my artworks, the process is sometimes started with a sketch. It doesn’t have to be a perfect sketch but it can help me visualize my composition and in my opinion, it helps speed up the workflow of the actual digital piece. I think I speak for many photomanipulation artists when I say I’m usually inspired by a stock image. Have you ever viewed a stock image and thousands of ideas started to swirl around inside your head, especially with a model? Sometimes I do a png cut of an inspiring stock image and place it above a white canvas layer; I then create outlines of foreground and background elements by painting on a blank layer. By doing this it helps me to visualize how the actual work would look like, and then I place the stock images accordingly to those outlines.

4. We are early in the year: What are your goals for your art in 2018?

The year 2018 is finally here and meeting my targets might be challenging but I’m optimistic. One of my goals is to add a bit of perspective in my art – most of my artworks (if not all) have a symmetrical view. I really hope to change that. Another is to fulfill the promises that I’ve made to do collaborations with other artists, hopefully, I can do some this year. Another is getting some commissions done, after a reasonable amount of offers last year I hope to get some done in 2018. And lastly, is to sketch more. In my opinion, sketching is a great way to help with precision; it’s also a great way to outline and play around with ideas and definitely helps to improve on your digital painting.

Thank you for the interview!!

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